02 April 2014

the nonfleshies take LA

Long time no see. It's that time of the semester where everything is due at one time.

So, here's a thing. A week from today, I'll be boarding a plane to Los Angeles for the TCM Classic Film Fest. Not only that, but I'll be meeting up with four of my best friends that I met on the internet five years ago.

When I tell people I have friends from the internet I usually get a side-eye or a "are you sure they're not creepy old men?" remark. Which is fine. There are totally creepy men on the internet. Just not here.

We found each other because we blogged about classic movies (I did here on my old blog) and we were all under the age of 50+, which seemed to be the age that dominated classic film discussion online. We quickly became friends with way too many inside jokes. We call ourselves the Non-Fleshies because we are not "flesh" friends. Although I guess soon we WILL be Fleshies!

I've already met Kate and have been itching for the day when all of us (Kate, Casey, Nicole, and Millie) can tromp around someplace with perpetual warm weather. And it's happening! Plans have been made, outfits have been picked out, festival passes have been delivered...I'm so excited that I feel like a dog when their owner comes home from work.

I'll be blogging - perhaps vlogging? - my time there and will certainly be taking a bunch of photos. Now that's I've stayed pretty restrained throughout this post, I'll end it with this.

AHHHHHH!!!!!! *flails*

03 March 2014

warm weather wishes

I'm sure everyone's as sick of whining about the weather and they are sick ABOUT the weather, but hey. We gotta stick out this stupid winter together. I cobbled together some items I would love to be sporting in the coming months. Who wouldn't want to carry a Beyoncé inspired tote? The only thing that would make this better is a basket on the bike with a little puppy in it.

28 February 2014

movies: scarlet street (fritz lang, 1945)

I was perusing my movie blog for old time's sake and realized I missed word-vomiting my thoughts on movies. Granted, the ones I typed up as a 16 year old are pretty jumbled and incoherent - ah, youth. Every Tuesday a theater on campus hosts a film series and this week's movie was Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street.

There was a LOT going on in this movie. An art theft plot, two one-sided love affairs, cranky wives, slimy boyfriends...the works. I won't say too much about the plot since I'm notorious for spoiling things, but I would recommend it. There's a lot of drama! The climax will for sure make your jaw drop. The performances were also great. I definitely want to see more of Joan Bennett. As gross as Dan Duryea's character was, it was a flawless performance. And of course Edward G. Robinson is great as an adorable idiot.

The homes were to die for, too. The split level studio in Kitty's apartment? Dang.

"Well, I was going to do this myself, but..."

12 February 2014

stay brilliant...sure.

When boredom strikes, I head to the shops. "Retail Therapy" is the truest phrase ever.

This Saturday, I ventured out into the snow and hit up TJ Maxx. There wasn't much, and I figured they were probably still wiped out after Christmas. I felt like browsing some beauty, so I crossed the street to Walmart.

After spending a little too long wandering the two makeup aisles, I had a lip gloss in hand (Maybelline Elixir in Captivating Carnation, if you were wondering) and swatches all over the backs of my hands. I had just decided to actually start my grocery shopping when a CoverGirl nail polish display caught my eye on an endcap.

I tried to pick up a light cucumbery green. It failed.

As it tumbled down the front of my body, I tried to grab it but the force of my hand just knocked it further away from me. Before I knew it, the cap flew off and polish had cascaded diagonally across the concrete floor and the rest was quickly flooding out of the bottle. I scooped it up only to see that I had busted the glass on top and there was no way to twist the cap back on. I remember setting it on top, and placing it BACK IN THE DISPLAY while saying, "I'm just gonna...put this back..."

I threw the Elixir in some random place (why, Sarah?!) and, head down, beelined for the front door.

As I got in my snow-covered car, I remembered when I was shopping downtown with a friend during freshman year of high school. We were in a boutique with stupidly priced items, and she accidentally knocked a shirt off the rack. We were both too awkward to even pick it up. The salesgirl strutted across the shop, and with the biggest side-eye in the world, picked it up and sassily put it back on the rack. As she should have. Who lets freshman in boutiques, anyway?

Why didn't I just alert somebody to the nail polish fiasco?! I worked for Walmart. I know the spill procedures. Why am I such an asshole.

I tried to reverse my car to leave and it wouldn't go. After a second of panic, I realized I hadn't even turned the key. Duh.


10 February 2014

makeup monday: everyday makeup video

Naked 3 Palette: Strange, Limit, Nooner, Darkside
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (Ivory)
  with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Mary Kay Concealer (Ivory 2)
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Translucent)
NYX Blush (Mauve)
NARS Blush as a highlight (Deep Throat)
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner (Blackest Black)
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
CoverGirl Brow Pencil (Soft Brown)
Almay Liquid Lip Balm (Apple a Day)

Taking a cue from my Naked 3 Palette post, I slapped on the easiest look and decided to film it. This is also the first time Final Cut X decided to work with me and not against me! Hurray editing.

This video also features one of my favorite products at the moment - the Almay Liquid lip balm. So moisturizing with the feel of a gloss and not sticky at all. It's love. I got my mom a nude shade for her birthday a while back, only to realize a bit later that she had begun hoarding them too. They're so good!

What do you think? :)

03 February 2014

tech: pretty phone cases

#4 pink roses #5 watercolor dots #6 syngwwn

I'm a firm believer in protecting your gadgets, but that doesn't mean they have to be dowdy looking. With my newfound love for pink - who knew - a whole slew of color choices has been opened for me. Additionally, Society6 has become my crack for new art. Every time my boyfriend looks at my computer screen, I'm browsing new throw pillows like any other well-adjusted 20 year old woman.

I've never had a case from them, but testimony from other internet-goers seems to be pretty good! I definitely need the protection since I'm a notorious phone-dropper. Which do you like?

PS: Fieldguided just put out a bunch of beautiful designs. So fancy.

31 January 2014

video: january favorites

In lieu of a Friday roundup, I decided to post my favorites video instead! There's a mix of beauty and books/movies to keep you on your toes. I must say, I'm not sad to see January go. The weather just brought me DOWN, y'all. Bring on the Valentine stuff! 

Now that you've heard what I've been into, what were some of your favorites this month? ♡


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